Hi, we are an independent visual communication and consultancy company. We are translating our clients’ messages to the language of Prezi (prezi.com).

Prezi allows us to better communicate. With its infinite canvas a new (or we should rather address it as the oldest) level of freedom has been provided in the process of creation. Stories could be told by simply changing our perspective. One can see the whole picture from above and in the next moment submerse and closely observe the very details of a smaller part.

Our desire is to create second to none presentations. Our colleagues are competent at prezi-, creative- and management advisory. We approach Prezi as it was a whole new language and not as a simple new presentation tool.

Prezi is great at impressing your audience. We are convinced that with Prezi cinematography has been introduced in story telling. It has multiplied the opportunities and gave a professional yet easy to use tool in our hands. By the time you become a native speaker of Prezi our professionals will do the interpretation work for you. While you are focusing on the content we create a great Prezi that will a) save your time b) help you understand your audence’s experience as being one of them.

Since 2009 we have worked for the most admired TED and WEF speakers. We have prepared their supporting presentations in Prezi. Our Head of Design, Peter Puklus is among Prezi’s acknowledged experts (http://prezi.com/experts/). Prezi experts are the ones who “encourage beauty in addition to functionality” according to Prezi. You might have already used one of our templates in Prezi. We are proud to be among the few who has been awarded with this opportunity and also that we could live with it.

Our mission is to help professionals in creation of breathtaking presentations.

Please feel free reaching out to us! We are available to create your Prezi based on your ppt, text or images. We can also provide trainings in person or online.

Our company and the people in it are not affiliated with Prezi.

An independent visual communication company. Our company and our people in it are not affiliated with Prezi!